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Northern Virginia Magazine, Thursday, June 5th, 2014  

Four Freaky Things to Try at Naughty Girls Donut Shop


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Naughty Girls Donut Shop To Expand Nationwide



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                                                                                                                        SOURCE: BRASH WORLDWIDE


(New York, NY– 4/27/17)-SNM Global Holdings (otc-pink:SNMN)a publicly traded entertainment/media company announced today that SNM Global has added the Naughty Girls Donut Shop brand to their burgeoning investment portfolio.


SNM Global Holdings, CEO, Troy Lowman has just entered into an expansion agreement with the 18 year old donut shop owner, Tiana Ramos, who made national headlines in 2015 when her shop was boycotted by a group of religious extremist. This acquisition is set to propel the donut shop brand into a household name with shops opening across the country every 6 months.


In a recent press conference, SNM Global Holdings, CEO, Troy Lowman, stated, “SNM Global Holdings is very excited about joining forces with this budding enterprise. Naughty Girls Donut Shop has a great product and has become an attractive destination to sweet-treat aficionados. Our partnership with the company will help Tiana to enhance the Naughty Girl Donut’s consumer experience while tapping into new markets.”


The company further reports that Natalie Ramos, Tiana’s mother, will be taking on an executive role in this expansion agreement.  The Johnson & Wales graduate will be lending 15+ years of corporate experience in marketing and operations in the culinary and dining industry to help foster a successful expansion of the Naughty Girls brand.  At press time Natalie states, “Naughty Girls Donut Shop is dear to my heart, I have been here with my daughter from its inception. SNM Global Holdings truly understands our brand identity and wants to maintain our brand integrity through this expansion. Naughty Girls Donut Shop has always’s been more than just an eatery in 12 short month’s the shop had become a safe haven for teens and a resource in the community. We can’t wait to offer this experience to consumers across the globe.”


Further details of the investment have not been disclosed but further reports indicate that the first shop will be opening in Georgetown, D.C, where the brand hosted it’s most successful pop up shop. Naughty Girls Donut Shop has earned national attention. The L.A Times, Huffington Post, MTV Networks, ABC News, and more have written about them.


About SNM Global Holdings (SNMN) –

SNM is a publicly traded company that specializes in the Entertainment and Media sector. Their mission is to acquire assets in this sector to enhance the SNM brand.


Naughty Girls Donut Chain Celebrates Flagship Opening


16 Year Old Turns Entrepreneurial  Dream into Reality

While one community anticipates the flagship opening of one of the country's newest and most innovative donut chains, 16yr old visionary and  entrepreneur, Tiana Ramos is eagerly awaiting the reality of a dream.  Tiana is not your average high school student, or typical person for that matter. While many people spend their entire lives wishing and fantasizing  this 11th Grader not only knew what she loved to do but put enough imagination, conceptualization, business development, negotiation and hard work into making what she was recently pinning on a “Dream Board” Into Reality.  At the age of 16 years old, Tiana was able to obtain an investor to believe in her vision.

Grand Opening

menuNatalie and Tiana Ramos are putting the “Grand” back into Grand Opening. Naughty Girls Donut Shop will debut at 20 Riverton Commons in Front Royal on Saturday, June 28. Doors will swing open at 8 a.m. Breakfast is served.  Naughty Girls Donut offerings are sweet and gooey, with flavors that surprise and delight.  Breakfast options include a variety of Donut Palm Panini Sandwiches, and lunch customers can choose between Fried Chicken and Lunch Palm Panini Sandwiches or savory chicken served with honey pecan glaze. All entrees come with donuts on the side. Of course.

Sweet is swell, but quality counts. Naughty Girls Donuts makes scratch-made donuts every day.  Offering an array of gourmet flavors made from fresh, local ingredients, visitors can choose between the Grable Collection (classic cake donuts with a flavorful twist); the Monroe Collection (yeast donuts with unique combinations of toppings); and the Page Collection (yeast donuts with over-the-top fillings). Customers can also personalize their donuts, by ordering hot donuts and adding their own choice of toppings.

Drinks and unique flavored coffees like “bacon coffee”are on the menu as well. And in an epic brainstorm, Natalie and Tiana came up with the idea of Drunkin Donuts -- for those over 21.

Grand Opening Events

DecorA car show sponsored by Poor Boys National Car Shows and featuring more than 50 gorgeous period vehicles will add a little festive splash to the opening celebration. Dave Jenkins of Poor Boys said, “To enter the show, all you have to do is buy a dozen donuts from Naughty Girls. A professional photographer will be available to snap pictures of you and your car, alongside a Naughty Girls pin up girl. It will be a fun day.”

Make-overs, henna tattoos and a booth with Naughty Girl items will help attendees get into the Naughty Girls spirit. For those with little ones, a Moon Bounce will offer a happy distraction, and police will provide child protection IDs.

About Naughty Girls

The Naughty Girls Donut Shop combines two of Tiana's’ favorite ideas -- decadent and delicious food and a fun and flirty atmosphere. She had been fine tuning the concept for two years when the business opportunity presented itself. Naughty Girls’ time had come. It all presented itself when a man at her father's job asked to take her to lunch.  While at lunch she told him her dream and he gave her a check to begin this dream.

Natalie and Tiana share an unreasonable affection for the glamorous pin-up girls of the 1940s.  The restaurant look and feel, and the carefully designed wait staff uniforms fit in with the theme.  Each outfit is slightly different, and each captures the mood of the shop. Bright reds and pinks abound at every turn; the look is clean and cheerful, with a hint of wholesome naughtiness.  While posters of Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable and Bettie Page tempt customers with their come-hither smiles, the donuts also beckon -- a sweet indulgence we know we should resist, but choose not to.


Behind the Scenes

Naughty Girl at WindowAny visitor to Naughty Girls Donut Shop will be able to see at a glance the mood of the shop and the food on display. But it’s what’s behind the scenes that makes Naughty Girls such a unique endeavor. Naughty Girls is a family business. Mom and Pop are key in running the business, but 16-year-old Tiana is the visionary.

A high school junior, Tiana was the impetus for moving Naughty Girls from concept to fruition.  She confessed to her parents her desire to be a pastry chef, and it was the push her parents needed to make their dream a reality. Tiana created recipes for all the donuts, sandwiches and chicken dishes, designed the menu and the merchandise items for Naughty Girls. She will work at the shop as she finishes up high school, when she’ll attend a culinary institute before returning to the shop to take on more responsibilities.

Naughty GirlsAs soon as the last bell rings at Tiana’s high school in June, she will commit to working full-time at Naughty Girls through the summer. That includes a 2 a.m. wake-up call so that fresh donuts will be ready to beckon customers when the shop opens each morning.

When Natalie asked her daughter how she was going to handle the responsibilities – and pressures -- of running a business, Tiana replied, “Mom, this is what I’ve always wanted. I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Natalie is a graduate of the prestigious culinary school at Johnson & Wales University. She has worked in various restaurants, including the Hard Rock Café, Reese Organizations and the Hyatt Regency. She has also worked in numerous corporate settings for Unidine, Sodexo Corporation and the Compass Group, as the director of Food and Nutrition. Natalie is the creative genius behind Naughty Girls, conceiving and executing the delicious menu, shop decor, and running day-to-day operations.

Miguel worked for 20 years in marketing in the food industry before signing on with the U.S. National Guard and joining Amazon as a member of the management team. Miguel handles the business side of Naughty Girls.

Because Tiana is such a key motivation for Naughty Girls, she and her mom are making sure the shop has some staying power. Natalie said, “We are designing our management structure so that all of our employees feel they are a key part of Naughty Girls’ success. They will be paid well, and be financially vested in our success. As we open more stores in other locations, staff from our Front Royal shop will be chosen to lead other locations. We want this to be a place that’s fun to work, but that offers employees a future with us if they want it, and are willing to work for it.”

Naughty Girls has a room set aside as a “dressing room” for the wait staff to dress and prepare for their shifts. The unique, specially designed uniforms stay on site and are laundered there.  Natalie said, “Our employees know that we respect them and appreciate the great job that they do. They are the core of our business. We couldn’t succeed without them.”


Community Mindset

Naughty Girl AttitudeNatalie and Tiana know that they need to attract customers, and keep them coming back. Their natural inclination to include the community in their plans fits into this strategy. Natalie and Tiana offer discounts for senior citizens (“My mom made me,” Natalie says.); U.S. Armed Servicemen and women; students; and for those who shop at other local businesses. Daily specials offer more chances to save on an already competitively priced menu.

Natalie and Tiana believe in supporting local farmers, and uses nearby businesses as much as possible when purchasing necessaries for the shop.